Organic KRAV garden wool

Our garden wool consists of unwashed, organic KRAV sheep's wool that can be used for your cover crop in the kitchen garden for a sustainable garden! The wool keeps the soil cool and moist while supplying the soil with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. One bag contains 60 litres of wool and is enough for approximately one pallet collar.

Natural - Organic - Genuine

Our garden wool holds moisture well in the soil because wool prevents evaporation, it prevents weeds from taking hold and it adds nutrients to the soil - just like other mulches I use.

Many also write about the drastic reduction of snails with wool. No slugs detected either under or over the cover. In addition, wool keeps the deer away,
which would be particularly good. Good use under berry bushes, as well as keeping strawberries clean from the soil.

The wool captures rainwater and keeps the moisture in the soil, away from the sun's hot rays.

The wool must cover the ground properly. You can fertilize first with manure.

After harvesting, you can use it to protect your plants and your roses for the winter,
or put it on the compost.