Eco farm

Welcome to this fantastic farm with nature on your doorstep and an organic approach throughout.

Natural - Organic - Genuine

We are a KRAV approved farm. Our fine Gotland pastures surround the farm's pastures. The sheep grazing also provides an open landscape that benefits biodiversity. The sheep are sheared twice a year. Their wool we send to spinning mill and some becomes farm ULL. It we sold directly from the farm in 60Liter bags, or via Facebook REKO ring Arvika.

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Natural - Organic - Genuine

We like self-catering and self-sufficiancy. We have our own water well, a large solar plant on the barn that produce 98 000 kWh annually.

Every vegetable garden is organic and we like to use bio-dynamic principles. The nice earth cellars on the farm help us to store potatoes and onions.

Gårdens History

Brunsberg Manor has a rich history with roots dating back to the ironworks era. During the heyday of the late 19th century, the manor was the hub of the region, employing many people at the mill, with several orders extending far beyond the national border. When the Eiffel Tower in Paris was to be built, iron was shipped from Brunsberg!

The manor has also been honoured by a royal visit. In the winter of 1885, Sweden's King Charles XV, married to the Dutch Princess Lovisa, spent the night in one of the manor's rooms during a transit from Stockholm to Oslo. Many of the original buildings on the estate still exist today and, in recent years, have been carefully renovated.