Thank you for renting an ewe!

Rent your very own Gotland sheep for a whole year and follow her life via farm visits, newsletters and social media. The pregnant ewes live a comfortable life on Brunsberg manor where they eat grass and get all the care they need. In spring, lamb that are born receive a harmonious start at the manor’s grounds.

By renting a ewe, you are contributing to good animal husbandry, organic agriculture and real food! We promise to take good care of your ewe and that you, as a consumer, are able to be closer to the production. As a bonus, you get a brochure on organic sheep farming.

Renting a ewe in this way is excellent proof that you care about the environment and knowing where your organic, high quality lamb meat comes from. Your ewe continues to live on the farm year after year. The meat is included in the various packages from the lamb reared throughout the year here at Brunsberg Manor.

Several times during the year, you are invited to visit the farm; among other things, the Springtime sheep-release (along with coffee being served) which takes place in May and in June sheep sheering. You also have the opportunity to follow the ewe you rent through social media: Facebook Group “Brunsberg Herrgård” and Instagram. Should something happen to your particular ewe, there are always reserve ewes on standby. Brunsberg Manor ensures that the ewe receives organic coarse feed every day, water and loving attention and care.